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Dealer-level car servicing standards guaranteed

Being independent means that we have the flexibility to provide car servicing that suits your needs. We offer dealer-level standards and facilities at competitive rates. Our car servicing quote is fully inclusive of labour, parts and VAT.

We offer full and interim servicing for all types of vehicles, whatever their age, including luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, as well as motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

Get FREE wiper blades when you book a full service today!

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Affordable Car Servicing – The Full Package

Typically carried out once a year, full car servicing helps to minimise the risk of breakdowns and ensures your car runs at full efficiency.  Most drivers of high-performance vehicles feel more confident taking their cars to the dealership for servicing, usually at a much higher cost than an independent garage.  W.Carey Motor Engineers has invested in training, technology, and manufacturer-approved materials to provide a standard of car servicing that you would expect from a dealership, but at a more competitive rate.  Our work on  Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover has produced hundreds of satisfied clients.

To learn more, give Richie, our chief engineer, a call 01932 341073.

Interim Car Servicing

For some drivers, annual car servicing might not be sufficient, particularly if they drive many miles. An interim service is ideal because it helps address issues that cannot wait for the annual car servicing check. Give Richie a call and, depending on your requirements, we can determine if it’s worthwhile for you to book an interim car service.

At the very minimum, all you might need is an oil change, which helps to keep your engine working efficiently. We can discuss this when you call.

Free delivery and collection service is available to all of our clients.


Our services start at only £65 per hour + VAT.

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