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Keeping a stable and pleasant temperature whilst driving is a minimum expectation of all modern cars. Your air­ conditioning system works hard all­ year ­round and needs regular servicing–every two years, as per your manufacturer’s recommendations.

When your air con break’s, driving becomes an uncomfortable experience. As people who love cars, we think this shouldn’t happen.

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Car Air Conditioning systems
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Your car’s climate control system is comprised of multiple parts, and all of them need to be well maintained to ensure your air-conditioning works properly. There are a few common issues that can arise within the A/C system such as a faulty thermostat, broken blend doors and clutch problems causing restricting power to the compressor. These need to be fixed by a garage with experience of servicing A/C systems.

Repairing one of the most common issues–a coolant leak–must be done by a professional mechanic, as doing this yourself is a highly hazardous process that has environmental risks.

At W.Carey Motor Engineers, we have decades of experience servicing car air-conditioning systems in all models and makes, and with us your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our services start at only £65 per hour + VAT.

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