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Battery Replacement and Testing

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A car battery usually needs to be replaced every three years.

The battery is responsible for powering your car’s electrical systems. It is repeatedly recharged by the engine when you take your car on a long drive, but over time its components, and the chemical substances inside it that react to create an electrical charge, degrade.

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Car batteries fault detection

A typical indication your car battery needs attention could be one of the following:

  • When you fire the engine, it is slow and struggles, or fails to start
  • The battery casing is swollen as a result of exposure to excess heat
  • The engine light is on

Circumstances that drain the battery and affect its performance include:

  • Cold weather, which slows down the charging of your battery when the engine is running, as does the the extra use of heaters and wipers
  • Extra use of electronic devices in the car like sat navs
  • Journeys that aren’t long enough to enable the engine to charge the battery
Car Battery test

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