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Affordable clutch repair

Due to the function that your car’s clutch performs it will have a tendency to wear out over time, as an effect of its constant use. More specifically, the pressure and clutch plates are constantly being pressed against the flywheel, which itself becomes worn and fractured.

These are all key components of the transmission system.

It is advisable to have the flywheel, and the Concentric slave cylinder (CSC), examined and repaired/replaced whenever you bring your car in for a clutch service, as not doing so can lead to a major clutch failure.

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When to change your car’s clutch

Depending on the how often and intensely the clutch is used,the amount of time before a car needs a new clutch, or a clutch repair, differs. Some vehicles need a clutch replacement after just 30,000 miles whilst others can last over 100,000 miles.

For example, cars like Formula 1 race cars or off ­road rally cars will experience many more gear changes than a regular road car. Therefore, these types of cars will require frequent clutch servicing.

Clutch repairs for high ­performance sports cars, such as an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and 4×4 Land Rovers are makes we commonly see, as these vehicles are typically driven at a higher intensity than most other cars.

Surrey’s Clutch Repair Specialist

We offer specialist clutch repair for all of these makes, as well as for VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda and PSA (Peugeot Renault, Citroen). Our team at W Carey have specialist training and experience fixing these vehicles and we can perform a clutch service more efficiently than a typical garage.

When you bring your car to us with a clutch issue, we will closely assess the problem and the work that needs to be done, explain the issues to you in clear detail, and review the estimated costs involved for all available solutions.


Our services start at only £65 per hour + VAT.

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