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The class and durability of the Land Rover and Range Rover models are second to none; it’s no surprise that these vehicles need expert servicing. From the Discovery and Freelander, to Evoque and Sport models, our engineers cover all of the essentials to meet Land Rover’s high standards. Get your Land Rover/Range Rover dealer-level MOT and Service in our workshop today, at an affordable rate.


Putting these vehicles through their paces is part of the joy of driving a Land Rover or Range Rover; however, this can put pressure on the bodywork. To get your vehicle back to factory-quality standards, our team use approved materials to achieve top quality results.


The unrivalled capability of Land Rovers are unparalleled, and to help ensure your vehicle continues to perform its best, we use advanced technology to identity faults and issues.  Our team are skilled at interpreting the results to deliver the best,most efficient service possible.

The safety health check was worthwhile,

it put my mind at ease and the team were very efficient

P Kenwood (Woking)

Land Rover
Land Rover


Whilst it sometimes makes senses to have your vehicle serviced by the dealer, it often is not the most cost-effective solution.  With access to all the latest technology, highly trained staff and premises that rival a dealerships’, you can get your Land Rover or Range Rover repaired for a surprisingly low price at W.Carey Land Rover Engineers.


To continue to get the best out of your vehicle, keeping a close eye on the tyres is a must. Before you invest in new tyres, talk to one of our engineers to get a full understanding of what is required before you make any changes. We will test and assess the condition of your tyres before we make any recommendations.


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Land Rover


We’ve serviced and carried out MOT’s on many classic and more contemporary Land Rovers and Range Rovers over the past 40 years. Our engineers get real pleasure working on these iconic vehicles and service them with the utmost care.

Our services start at only £65 per hour + VAT.

Land Rover/ Range Rover Facts

Unmatched in its field, we adore the unique characteristics of the Land Rover and Range Rover. With such a long lineage, there is so much to know about this iconic brand. Here are a few facts:

  • The Range Rover was originally called ‘100-Inch Station Wagon’.
  • It was displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris as evidence of ‘exemplary industrial design’
  • The Land Rover was adapted to meet the needs of extreme locations and was used in the British Trans-Americas Expedition
Land Rover