Avoid early re-tyre-ment. Get a FREE wheel alignment check

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Why you should have your wheel alignment checked.

Now is a great time to have your wheel alignment checked with WCarey Motor Engineers FREE offer. Apart from the opportunity to save upto £45 you get to enjoy a smoother safer ride and save the hassle of changing your tyres prematurely.

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Whether you’ve hit a curb or failed to avoid a pothole in the road: getting your wheel alignment checked is a sure way to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are set as per the manufacturers specifications. You can usually tell if your wheel alignment is not at optimum position as you will notice your vehicle pulling to one side when you drive. However, other problems occur that may not be obvious to you, for example tyre wear and higher fuel consumption due to reduced road resistance are all sign’s to look out for. Now for a limited time only, you can get expert help for free. To qualify for this offer, simply book a full service online and quote‘WCarey4