BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series – Innovative & Affluent

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BMW is celebrated for their style and superior engineering. With their latest 7 series, fans were not disappointed this year. Once again, BMW proved that they are the definitive masters of technology-led motor vehicle innovation. For garages that specialise in servicing BMWs, keeping up with the changes is a pleasure, not a chore. In this article, we look at what makes the BMW 7 Series so special.

Innovative Interior Technology 

BMW has innovated their engines to be more fuel efficient and they’ve improved the interior and exterior design. They are gaining praises for their technological achievements whilst maintaining the traditional comfort and values we all know and love. The new gesture control features are especially exciting–they allow the driver to control functions such as increasing the stereo volume and answering the phone with just hand gestures–super cool!!

Affluent Airline Experience

The most popular choice for the new 7 series range is the BMW 730d M Sport due to its mix of strong performance and refinement, as well as providing the traditional BMW hallmarks of  good fuel economy, handling and efficiency.  The 2016 model has been praised for it’s fantastic interior, design and technology. The new model for 2017 continues the luxury theme, taking inspiration from the aviation industry, delivering an airline-style travel experience while staying on the ground.

Engineering Excellence

Staying at the forefront of technology and design means that cars like the BMW 730d M Sport need special attention. This is why garages like W. Carey Motor Engineers put training at the top of their priorities list. Whether your BMW is new, or a few years old, you want the most knowledgeable people working on your vehicle. Using an independent garage with mechanics who are regularly trained in the nuances of technological innovation is just as good as taking your car to an approved dealership. Don’t just take our word for it–check out our mechanics’ qualifications.