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Keeping a stable and pleasant temperature while driving is a minimum expectation of all modern cars. Your air­ conditioning system works hard which means that just like the rest of your vehicle, it needs regular maintenance. It’s recommended that you take your vehicle in for a car air conditioning service every two years, as per your manufacturer’s recommendations.


There’s nothing worse than getting into a hot car on a summer’s day only to find the air con has broken. Sometimes this can be a simple fix such as a recharge or there may be a more complex issue. Either way, it’s a good idea to get it looked at sooner rather than later. Here at W.Carey, our experts can carry out air conditioning repair to a high standard which means you’ll be back to driving in comfort in no time.

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In addition to standard servicing, we also provide a decontamination service. Do you smell something nasty when you turn on your air conditioning? These unpleasant odours are caused by bacteria which build up over time in the air con system and vents which then circulate around your car. Our antibacterial air conditioning clean eradicates 99% of bacteria and leaves your air con smelling fresh. This service can also be beneficial for those with breathing difficulties.