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It’s highly important for your motor vehicle’s exhaust system to be well maintained for a number of reasons, including both your own and other drivers’ safety. The system is responsible for removing waste gases from the engine, and helping to manage exhaust emissions and unstable and hazardous compounds, such as carbon monoxide.

This means it’s quite a delicate component of your car and needs to be serviced by a trusted and professional mechanic. This is certainly not a DIY fix.



Some of the problems with exhausts include corrosion, blockages, cracks and damage from objects on the road surface. All of these things can prevent the exhaust and the catalytic converter from doing its job: to turn toxic emissions into safe neutral gases.

If your exhaust is too loud or produces pollution above the legal limits, the police could issue you with a VDRS (Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme) notice. Your vehicle could also fail its MOT on the emissions section.

Also, as the exhaust is located underneath your car, close to the surface of the road, it’s important that it’s securely fixed to the chassis so parts don’t fall off and become a danger to other road users.

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