BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series – Innovative & Affluent

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BMW is celebrated for their style and superior engineering. With their latest 7 series, fans were not disappointed this year. Once again, BMW proved that they are the definitive masters of technology-led motor vehicle innovation. For garages that specialise in servicing BMWs, keeping up with the changes is a pleasure, not a chore. In this article, we look at what makes the BMW 7 Series so special.

Innovative Interior Technology 

BMW has innovated their engines to be more fuel efficient and they’ve improved the interior and exterior design. They are gaining praises for their technological achievements whilst maintaining the traditional comfort and values we all know and love. The new gesture control features are especially exciting–they allow the driver to control functions such as increasing the stereo volume and answering the phone with just hand gestures–super cool!!

Affluent Airline Experience

The most popular choice for the new 7 series range is the BMW 730d M Sport due to its mix of strong performance and refinement, as well as providing the traditional BMW hallmarks of  good fuel economy, handling and efficiency.  The 2016 model has been praised for it’s fantastic interior, design and technology. The new model for 2017 continues the luxury theme, taking inspiration from the aviation industry, delivering an airline-style travel experience while staying on the ground.

Engineering Excellence

Staying at the forefront of technology and design means that cars like the BMW 730d M Sport need special attention. This is why garages like W. Carey Motor Engineers put training at the top of their priorities list. Whether your BMW is new, or a few years old, you want the most knowledgeable people working on your vehicle. Using an independent garage with mechanics who are regularly trained in the nuances of technological innovation is just as good as taking your car to an approved dealership. Don’t just take our word for it–check out our mechanics’ qualifications.

BMW Car Servicing Know-how! The Top 3 Turbo Killers

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With more and more cars fitted with turbo engines, understanding why they fail could help uncover other issues and avoid the inconvenience of not having your car when you need it.

WCarey mechanical engineers have been servicing BMW’s, Mercedes and all other types of cars in West Byfleet and surrounding areas for decades. During this time, they’ve noted that few turbo engine failures whether they are in a BMW or other vehicle are due to manufacturer faults. This is backed up by research that shows that 95% of failures are due to other causes.

So before you think about replacing your turbo engine, get familiar with the key causes of turbo failure and it could save you pounds.

Car servicing turbo charge

The Top 3 Turbo Killers

Oil Starvation – to keep your turbo in good condition, you need a constant flow of oil, particularly when the vehicle is driven at high speed. Limited flow of oil can lead to blocked or split pipes.

Oil Contamination – dirty oil or an oil filter that has not been changed can contaminate your engine and can cause abrasive damage to the inside of your turbocharger, reducing its efficiency and causing irreparable damage over time.

Foreign Object Damage – debris and other foreign particles entering your compressor inlet, or the turbine inlet, can also cause damage.

Your driving style– aggressive driving and accelerating hard, for example–may also be a contributing factor. But we’re not kill joys. We love cars and we know you do too. Just ease off every now and again.

How to Spot Turbo Engine Issues

  • Engine warning lights – they’re not just for turbo failure, but can alert you to other issues as well
  • Boost Gauge – if it’s not going up as much as it used to, check it; it might need repair
  • Power loss – if your vehicle is accelerating slower than usual
  • Smoking Exhaust – caused by oil leaking into your exhaust system
  • Whining noise – often a signal of a failing turbocharger

There are a number of actions you can take to help reduce the risk of Turbo Engine failure including changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle regularly and checking for loose connections or debris. But for a more thorough review, we recommend you get your air filter serviced regularly and get your car serviced annually.


Avoid early re-tyre-ment. Get a FREE wheel alignment check

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Why you should have your wheel alignment checked.

Now is a great time to have your wheel alignment checked with WCarey Motor Engineers FREE offer. Apart from the opportunity to save upto £45 you get to enjoy a smoother safer ride and save the hassle of changing your tyres prematurely.

old tyre

Whether you’ve hit a curb or failed to avoid a pothole in the road: getting your wheel alignment checked is a sure way to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are set as per the manufacturers specifications. You can usually tell if your wheel alignment is not at optimum position as you will notice your vehicle pulling to one side when you drive. However, other problems occur that may not be obvious to you, for example tyre wear and higher fuel consumption due to reduced road resistance are all sign’s to look out for. Now for a limited time only, you can get expert help for free. To qualify for this offer, simply book a full service online and quote‘WCarey4

Field Sales Executive Wanted

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Get ready for your  next career move

Fantastic opportunity for an accomplished, enthusiastic field sales executive to join a friendly, family garage business. Must have previous field sales experience in the B2B sector ie schools, businesses, institutions and have the ability to communicate at all levels. Target driven and proactive you will need to have strong organization and planning skills.

If you would like to be part of a fast-moving ambitious garage and enjoy the rewards of your efforts, please submit your CV to Richie at

Competitive salary + commission

Bike Bikes, Big Benefit for Charity!

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As summer ends we reflect on one of our best events this year, the West Byfleet summer fayre 2016. We pulled out all the stops, we had so much fun and to-date we’ve raised over £1000 for the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Great to see some of our long standing clients, as well as having the opportunity to introduce WCarey Motor Engineers to the wider Woking community. We’re a family managed garage and we welcomed the chance to have fun with our clients and neighbours.

Our two choppers pulled in the crowds: restored to their former glory by our team of mechanical engineers, we were excited to show them off. But there was also a more serious side to the events.  Wcarey fayre16

Time well spent

A future where cancer is no longer a threat to human life young and old is something we are incredibly passionate about. The Royal Marsden Hospital is an international cancer research centre working hard to save lives, their compassion, dedication and absolute focus on finding the best treatment is amazing. That is why we take every opportunity to raise money to help support their work, especially the work they do for children. And the summer fayre was a great opportunity to continue our support.

Big thanks to everyone for joining in the fun, we’re planning a few more events to raise even more money to help our favourite charity and we’re already thinking about how we’re going to make next year’s summer fayre bigger and better.

Vehicle Safety Check

FREE Vehicle Safety Check

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Safety problems can pop up unexpectedly, no matter how many miles you’ve clocked. Put your mind at ease and get a free safety check today.

Our vehicle safety check is a visual inspection valid for Minibuses, Vans, Cars, Bikes, Trikes and Quad Bikes. Offered free without obligation to our local clients, the checks take just 30 minutes and include the following:

✓ Free duty of care vehicle check
✓ Tyre tread, pressure & condition check
✓ Visual exhaust check
✓ Visual suspension check
✓ Battery charge check
✓ Oil level check
✓ Lights check
✓ Screen washer check
✓ Wipers check
✓ Air conditioning check (if applicable)

Qualified Engineers
Our motor engineers frequently attend training courses to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology. From the condition of your tyres including your spare wheel to your catalytic converter, you can be sure that when we check your vehicle we leave nothing uncovered.

For over 40 years, hundreds of people in Woking, West Byfleet, and the surrounding areas have chosen W.Carey Motor Engineers to service and MOT their vehicles.

We are conveniently located in West Byfleet. For our regular service’s we also offer free collection and delivery.

Book your FREE vehicle safety check appointment today!
Email or call Richie on 01932 341073 and quote ‘Safety Check’