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Vehicle Diagnostic Test

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Do you or have you seen a fault code on your vehicle dashboard?

If so, we can help. We use the latest dealer‐level diagnostic tools and are backed up by factory‐trained Master Tech support. This means you don’t have to wait for dealership availability and also don’t have to pay expensive dealership prices to get a fault diagnosed.

We can identify and trouble-shoot potential issues using our portable diagnostic systems such as; AUTOLOGIC, BOSCH & SNAP ON ZEUS. With these systems we use your cars OBD2 port to connect to the cars electronic control unit(s).


This allows our trained diagnostic technicians to carry out checks and present you with a detailed report that identifies faults quickly as well as offering solutions to resolve any potential issues.

  • Diagnostic Fault Code Scan of any make and model of vehicle
  • Live data to see sensor outputs, misfires and much more
  • Control module programming on Land Rover, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, VW and all other vehicles
  • Program new batteries to the ECU after replacement
  • Reprogramming of replacement key

Other Diagnostic Services

We also provide a range of other diagnostics repairs including but not limited to:

  • Testing of electrical components
  • Coding/programming of vehicle control modules and ecus
  • Rebuilding/rewiring vehicle electrical systems
  • ABS fault finding
  • Air Bag fault finding