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What does an MOT check involve?

Our MOT centre provides testing for all vehicles including motorbikes, three-wheelers, cars, mini buses and vans. We can do this for classes 1-5 and class 7. During an MOT test, one of our technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the chassis/bike frame (it doesn’t include looking at the engine, gearbox or clutch).

The result of each check is recorded. If your vehicle passes, a ‘pass’ certificate is issued. Items that are not quite a failure, but might need attention soon, are noted as ‘advisory’ items. You can book an MOT online today.

What happens if your car fails an MOT test

If your vehicle fails to meet the required standard, a VT30 ‘failure’ document is issued. When a vehicle fails an MOT check, it must be repaired to comply with the test standards before it can be driven again. We’re fully equipped to carry out any repairs needed should your car fail its MOT (but you are not obliged to do so) and we carry out the retest for free within 10-days of the failed MOT.

Click here Wcarey-MOT-Infographic (1) to see some common reasons for MOT fails.

If you feel the result of the test is unfair, you can appeal the decision. Ask for a VT17 form which explains the process you need to follow.